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Posted on March 08, 2013 by Mr Sam | 1 comment

I have been thinking a lot recently about our generous shipping policy to the lower 48 states.  We ship fast, and we ship free.  Unfortunately, I often receive emails from customers that live outside of the country, in places where longboarding thrives like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and even the Phillippines. 

Last year we charged our actual shipping charges when shipping internationally.  It dawned on me today that it really isn't fair that we charge full shipping prices to most of these countries when we offer highly discounted shipping to everyone in the USA.  So today, we are now offering discounts to shipping around the world.  No, it isn't free, but we are sure it will be cheaper than any other site.  Some examples of shipping rates for international customers:

HAWAII, ALASKA, Puerto Rico etc:
Most small items ship free
Boards and completes shipped from $35

Wheels shipped from $15
Boards shipped from $20
Completes shipped from $25

Wheels shipped from $19
Boards shipped from $45
Completes shipped from $50

Wheels shipped from $19
Boards shipped from $55
Completes shipped from $60

Prices of shipping did go up earlier this year, but we still are offering $5-15 off shipping depending on what you are getting shipped.  These prices are reflected above.  

If for some reason you are having problems checking out and you live in a different country, email me at and I'll take care of you.

Mr. Sam

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João Victor
João Victor

May 07, 2013

hey guys im brazilian, and im seeing yours shippings, i see that you doesn’t calculate the ship to Brazil, guys can see it for me? I want to buy something if the ship doesnt be very expensive, what do you need to see this? if need my adresss tell me, thanks for attention!!!

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