May Giveaway Mini!

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Mr Sam | 0 comments

We haven't even given away April's prize, but we can't wait another second for our May Giveaway.  This is similar to the well known Penny or Stereo skateboard, but it is made with quality components from Sector 9.  Your choice of color.

  • How to Enter?

1. Like Sam Skates and the Giveaway Post on Facebook here.

2. Share this post on your wall.

  • How to Win?

We we pick the winner randomly in the MIDDLE of May.  

  • Prize Details & Pics

From out of the heap to under your feet the orange Freeride cruiser complete is made from 100% recycled materials for an eco-friendly ride. This plastic cruiser complete from Freeride features 58mm 78a wheels, 6" Freeride trucks, and a bit of camber for your cruising pleasure. This directional cruiser comes ready to ride straight out of the box to make your commute shorter and to make the world a better place.

Length: 22.5"
Width: 6"
Wheels: 59mm Freeride cruiser wheels.

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