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1. Pick your longboard. Narrow your search by brand or by features.


Drop Through.  These boards are lower to the ground and are easier for pushing, and are easier to slide and free ride.

Drop Deck.  This extra drop provides easier sliding and can be top mounted or drop through.

Top Mount.  Top mount provides the best stability and control when sliding.

Mini.  Mini's are great to have for trips or for the back of your trunk so you always can skate when the opportunity arrises.

Downhill.  These boards are built for going fast and are typically top mounted and provide more control when turning fast.

Freeride.  These decks are best at freeriding, whether that means fast downhill freeriding or not.



35" and under / 36" - 37" / 38" - 39" / 40" - 41" / 42" and bigger




2. Pick your trucks. Now that you have your board picked out, add some trucks.


The standard longboarding truck is a 50 degree reverse kingpin truck.  We sell a variety of trucks and colors.  


Calibers.  A great stable truck built for speed and freeriding.

Paris V2.  Paris revamped their lineup this year with improved bushings and great freeriding trucks.

Randals.  The original Reverse King Pin truck is still American made and is a good all-around truck.

Bears.  Bears are another option for freeriding.


Downhill oriented trucks will be Ronin's, Caliber 44's, Paris 43's, and Randal 42's.


3. Pick your wheels.


There are a few things to consider when picking out wheels.  Size, Duro, and Shape.


Size.  Around 70mm is the standard.  For top mounts and minis, you will want smaller wheels. Cruising and drop throughs and you will want bigger wheels.


Durometer.  Duros can be intimidating with your first board.  The rule of thumb is the heavier the rider, the harder the duro.  The softer the duro, the grippier the wheel, and the harder the duro, the slidier.  


77a - 79a / 80a - 81a / 82a - 83a / 84a or harder


Generally speaking, less than 150 lbs and you should be looking for 78a-80a duro wheels.  Around 180lbs and you should be looking for 81- 84a wheels.