Seismic Cry Baby 64mm

Seismic Cry Baby 64mm 80a Yellow Longboard Wheels (Set of 4)

Centerset bearing seat, 28mm running surface, generous double radius.

The 60mm Cry Babies offer smooth, predictable slides with great hookup, grip when you need it, and awesome ’thane lines. Baby bottle and diaper change included, but only on the graphic.

“Everything about these wheels is a blast,” said Seismic team rider Lamin Cassama of Stockholm. “They’re just the size and shape I’ve been searching for, with an amazingly consistent, controllable slide.”

Added Dre “Grizzly” Nubine of Aurora, Colorado, “The consistency is unbelievable – no chop at all, just sugary crisp sliding and slow, even wear. The slide and hookup at high speeds is perfect.”


Diameter: 64mm 
Hardness: 84a 
Hub: Centerset 
Width: 39mm 
Contact Patch Width: 28mm 

Category: 80a-81a, 82a-83a, 84a+

Type: Wheels

Vendor: Seismic

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