Abec Freerides 77mm

The FreeRide's not supposed to have this much traction - but it does. Yet when it comes time to throw them into a slide, they submit. They give you no lip - no idle chatter. They just drift until you're ready to hook back up, which they do as smooth as butter. Speed? Hell, yes! The 72mm size provides a great balance between "quick" and "fast". There is sweet spot in the all-around wheel category, and the FreeRide is it. Skate It: carving, cruising, downhill, and bigger longboards.

Diameter: 77mm
Width: 45mm
Contact: 32mm
Durometer: 78-81a
Profile: OS Offset Core
Thane: Classic

Category: 75mm+, 77a-79a, 80a-81a,

Type: Wheels

Vendor: Abec

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