Bustin Maestro PRO 38"

The fiberglass Maestro has been a huge hit for us with all the freestyle riders out there, but we've heard the murmurs from our customers asking for a symmetrical design, and we weren't just going to stop there. We've upped our game over the past couple years, gobbling up all the knowledge we could on what can be done with wood and composites. This deck is a culmination of that knowledge, with every curve designed to provide even flex, strength, form, and function. Gentle center camber, rocker in the foot platform, flares by the cutouts, radial tail, and multiple concaves make this the strongest and most functional flexy freeride, freestyle, and commuter deck out there.

If you like flexy boards this could be the best board you'll ever step foot on. We carefully engineered the mold to generate flex while pushing and stiffen the board up while locked into the foot pockets. This means the board will have a relatively consistent flex for a wide range of rider weights but can bottom out during big tricks. If you've ridden our 7ply Maestro, you'll feel that the flex during push is similar but notice that the board feels much stiffer after your feet move into both foot pockets. We designed the board with multiple wheelbase options so that you can increase or decrease flex slightly based on your preference. If you're on the heavier side and not sure if this board is right for you, hit us up at skate@bustinboards.com and we'll steer you right.


6 ply Maple + Fiberglass 
Length: 38" 
Wide: 9" 
26.5: Wheel Base


- Drop Thru Mounting 
- New Fully Symmetrical Design 
- Sublimated Triaxial Fiberglass Construction 
- Rockered Freeride Stance 
- Cambered Push Platform 
- Precision Flex Concave 
- Classic Ultra-low Maestro Ride 
- Multi Wheelbase Options for Flex Preference

Category: Drop Deck, Drop Through, Freeride

Type: Decks

Vendor: Bustin

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