Comet Archetype 37"

The Archetype is the bare bones of what you need in a symmetrical freeride board. It has an extremely comfortable concave, symmetrical rocker, wheel wells to satisfy the two mounting options and width where you need it regardless of riding switch or regular. The flush mount compensates for the rocker keeping your trucks at the angle they were made to be at.

The shape of most skateboards has been the same popsicle stick shape for more than twenty years because it is the most functional and was the inspiration for this board. From the first hand cut version by Anthony Flis through the extensive testing of Jesse Breiman and others we finally cut away enough fat to give you this awesome shape giving you the most purely functional board possible.

Length: 37"
Width: 9.75"
Wheelbase: 26.3" - 27.3" 
Thickness: 9-ply
Rocker: .55"
Concave: .55"
Flush Mount

Category: 36in-37in, Freeride, Top Mount

Type: Decks

Vendor: Comet

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