Fireball Incendo 70mm

A fiery blend of freeride and grip, the Incendo is an ideal all around 70mm wheel. The offset cores with fat lips allow for the proper amount of grip when cornering and carving. However, the Fireball SlidePreppedTM surface allows you to break into a slide and create smoking clean lines when you feel that urge. The angled lips create a progressively larger contact patch as the wheel is slowly worn down from rippin slides. Though an 84a wheel may sound a bit on the harder side, Incendo offers a ton of urethane relative to the size of the core, creating a smoother, faster ride.

Diameter: 70mm
Width: 54mm
Contact: 44.4mm
Durometer: 84a
Profile: OS Offset Core

Category: 69mm-72mm, 80a-81a, 84a+,

Type: Wheels

Vendor: Fireball

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