Original Apex 40" Double Concave

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The Original Apex 40 Double Concave longboard is a true piece of craftsmanship. It is a solid hybrid a between freestyle and freeride longboard. It has a generous amount of flex with enough rigidity to hold big long slides out. Most boards with flex don’t hold their own well when you get up to higher speeds but surprisingly enough the Original Apex 40 does! For those of you out there who have dabbled with street skateboarding in the past you are bound to love the kicktails on this board; they are super functional and really, really fun to use! Original has a bajillion Facebook and Youtube fans for a reason; their boards are flat out fun to ride!

Length: 40.75"
Width: 9.50
Wheelbase: 27.50/29.00
Construction: Fiberglass
Concave: Mild
Flex: Medium

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