Original Baffle 37"

Ooooo baby it's the new Original Baffle 37! Do you ever sit at home and wonder, "what board should be my shredtastic gnarstick of choice today"? Would you even say that you are BAFFLED by questions like this? Original has given you the obvious answer. The Baffle 37. The one and only answer. The Baffle 37. This boards is equipped with a million wheelbase options. Well, maybe not a million, but everything ranging from 22.75" and then to upwards of 26" in wheelbase options. That gives you the choice of a very nimble and quick ride to a stable ride ready to charge fatty hills and podium races. The most thought out feature of this board is that it comes with rocker and also has rocker stabilizing flush mounting. What this does is that rocker increases the degrees of your trucks and then the flush mount neutralizes that, giving you the true degree of your board. To top it all off, a functional nose and tails are thrown on this board to truly make it a do all setup. You'll never be baffled on what to ride with the Baffle 37.

Category: 36in-37in, Drop Through, Top Mount

Type: Decks

Vendor: Original

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