RAD Release 72mm

A another company built by skaters in order to release products for the riders, Rider Approved Designs (RAD) has taken apart the typical longboard skateboard freeride wheel in order to create the 72mm RAD Release. This high speed freeride longboard skateboard wheel features a larger than typical core that supports the urethane and helps to increase the roll speed. These two aspects combined result in a wheel with consistent slides, and a quicker acceleration coming out of slides.

The 72mm RAD Release come pre-broken-in to get you shredding immediately. Pick up a set of these rad wheels (pun intended) if you are looking for a freeride wheel that is quicker and smoother than the rest.

Diameter: 72mm
Width: 42mm
Durometer: 78a - 80a

Category: 69mm-72mm, 77a-79a, 80a-81a,

Type: Wheels

Vendor: R.A.D.

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