Rayne Amazon 38"

Rayne Team Rider Douglas Dalua is a beast on the hill and has taken top podiums for years. After all his hard work, he now has a pro-model board all to himself. The Rayne Amazon is one of Rayne's most exciting releases of the season, maybe the most exciting since the Killswitch. The Amazon is Douglas Dalua's Signature Series model, one of the few Rayne has ever made and will now sit in history with Chris Dahl's Agent, K-Rimes' Killswitch, Brianne's Isis and the Long Treks Demonseed. The Amazon has some design similarities to the recently released Rival and Supreme as a symmetrical, radial drop deck, but has some distinct differences.

Length: 38.5"
Width: 10"
Wheel Base: 30" or 31"

Category: 38in-39in, Downhill, Drop Through, Freeride

Type: Decks

Vendor: Rayne

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