Sector 9 Rocker 35.5"

What is the most obvious thing about the Sector 9 Rocker? Obviously the half-inch of rocker! And boy can we say it feels NICE. It sets your feet in a more natural lean rather than standing on a flat board. You can think of it as concave going from the nose to the tail, then adding on to the concave in the board, you can a full lock in feel from front to back as well as side to side. This ensures that you don’t slip off of your board heading down a steep mountain run at 50pmh. Of course though, to compensate for the rocker, it comes with recessed truck mounting, letting you ride the true angle of your trucks as well as making the board lower to the ground and much more stable. The board's construction is four layers of tri-axel fiberglass sandwiching 3 plies of maple letting this board be both speed stiff and extremely light. Throw in some wheel wells and this board is ready for bigger wheels for your super-fast downhill runs, or trucks that are just loosey goosey without any kind of wheelbite. And just like icing on top of the cake, the top of the Sector 9 Rocker comes with Sector 9's high grit grip tape to get you locked and loaded and ready to ride.

Length: 35.5"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 28.00" - 29.00"X

Category: 35in-, Top Mount

Type: Decks

Vendor: Sector 9

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