Venom Balls 70mm

FISHSCALE FORMULA - Developed exclusively for Venom at a new facility, the Fishscale Formula is a complete departure from anything we've tried in the past and has exceeded our team's expectations for roll speed, durability, grip, and slide smoothness.

70MM BALLS - The 70mm Balls are the latest round lipped, center set, flippable freeride wheel from Venom. Poured with our fast rolling, smooth sliding Fishscale Formula and stone-ground for a smooth slide right out of the box, the Balls are a good choice for everyone from beginners that want a little more speed to experienced freeriders tired of wearing their wheels out quickly.

Specs: 70mm, Center-set, 32mm stone-ground contact patch

Diameter:  70mm
Duro:  80a
Width:  32mm

Category: 69mm-72mm, 80a-81a,

Type: Wheels

Vendor: Venom

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